Optimizing access to timely intelligence to safeguard our communities

The gold standard for wireless network forensics

Providing Law Enforcement and Homeland Security the intelligence gathering and analytical tools to safeguard against criminal threats

A Proven Global Solution

  • Deployed in the US and international territories
  • Crime investigation methods using telecom geo-location data
  • Autonomous wireless-network Recon solution, for border security, apprehension, and search and rescue operations
  • CALEA compliant lawfully intercepted electronic surveillance solution
  • Patented True-Coverage mapping which defines and prioritizes target search areas based on actual cellular network coverage and configuration
  • Call detail records and geo-location analysis, mapping, and reporting
  • Forensic phone evidence reports for prosecution and court presentation

Law Enforcement

A paradigm change, maximizing the impact of timely actionable intelligence by sharing expert knowledge and experience. Allowing access for all law enforcement departments regardless of forensics experience, size and budget.

Corporate Solutions

Investigate fraudulent claims, identify rogue networks, detect and locate rogue operators within your corporate networks. Corroborate forensic evidence and verify alibi.

Intelligence Organizations

Optimized for federated crime investigations entailing state, federal, and international collaboration. Adaptable to international telecom specifications and telecom providers’ CDR and geo-location data.

Gladiator Forensics Product Solutions

OSS Suite: Comprehensive Intelligence Gathering, Analytics, and Reports

  • ESPA (Enterprise Sensor Processing and Analytics), our graphical information system solution
  • GAR (Gladiator Autonomous Receiver), our wireless network Recon solution
  • Sentinel, our real-time monitoring and electronic surveillance solution
  • Smart Track, our real-time monitoring, GPS pings and geo-location solution
  • Custom narratives and comprehensive reports

IQ Express Portal: Automated Case Builder and Lead Generation Portal

  • ESPA verified - lead generation, analysis and mapping of telecom data
  • Email courier - express access to actionable leads
  • IQ portal - case creation, consolidation and corroboration of evidence
  • IQ packets - synthesis and illustration of forensic evidence
  • IQ reports - user defined custom analytics and reports